Welcome to our practice!

To avoid long waiting times we kindly ask you, if possible, to make an appointment by phone: +43 (0)1 367 64 64. Please bring your e-card for every ENT consultation! All specific instruments for your medical examination are available in our practice.

Appointments for aesthetic consultation can only be made in advance by phone.

Aesthetic consultations are not paid for by the Medical Health Service but have to be paid privately.

Ear pearcing (earrings) is not paid for by the Medical Health Service, and has also to be paid privately. An ear correction until the age of 14 is mostly covered by private insurances.

The first consultation will be credited to the price of the operation. Post operative therapy and treatment is free of charge.

If you cannot keep a private appointment please inform us 24 hours in advance in order to avoid unnecessary cost. Unfortunately we will have to charge you otherwise.