What to do when droopy eyelids impair your eyesight und conceal your eyes?

A small operation can help: it widens your field of vision and helps you to look younger!


During this operation the excess skin is removed, if necessary also parts of the underlying muscles and fat tissue. The suture lies within a skin fold and is hardly visible after the corrective operation.


For a corrective operation on the lower eyelid the cut is made underneath the lower lashes.

For slight excess skin on the lower eyelid a transconjunctival access can be used.


Upper eyelid corrections can be performed under general anaesthetic or sedoanalgenesis.

Combined with the lower eyelid we recommend general anaesthetic and 1 night in hospital.


Sutures are removed after 6 to 7 days.

Swelling: slight haematoma/bruising fade after 2 to 3 weeks.

Operation and recovery: 2 to 3 weeks.