An ear correction can be implemented at every age.

We recommend to undergo the operation at an early age to avoid psychological damage.

Private insurances cover the cost until the age of 14.

The operation on adults is under local anaesthetic.

For young patients we recommend general anaesthetic or half sleep.


The objective of the operation is to correct the angle between ear conch and skull and the forming of smoothly rounded contours. Our operation technique prevents a feather-edged appearance to the shape of the ear. The cut is always at the back of the ear. The laid open ear cartilage is treated as such that the, in advance defined new form, obtains the wanted plication. The sutures are under the skin, and remain there and dissolve after some time.

The wound is sealed by an intracutane suture.


Head bandage:            1 to 2 weeks

Frontlet:                       further 2 weeks during the night

Sutures:                        are removed after 7 to 10 days

Time required:             for operation and recovery 2 to 3 weeks.