Regular facial features satisfy our idea of beauty: they seem aesthetical and command sympathy. The shape of the cheeks, chin and jaw play an important part. High cheekbones are nowadays considered to be very attractive. The facial proportions like contours, cheeks and chin can be changed by using facial implants.

For cheek and chin we use silicone implants from the company Gore and Porex. These implants are anatomically formed. After the correction they can not be distinguished from the patients own bones.

An explicit consultation before each operation showing slides, photos and drawings help the patient to develop personal solutions.



The suture is made in the mouth cava of the lower jaw. The implant is put on under the skin on the bone. Drainage is not necessary. The wound is stitched using dissoluble thread.

For a few days the patient has to wear an adhesive tape bandage.

Post operation slight swelling can occur. Minimal pain may occur.

The skin area may be slightly sore or taut after the operation.

Risks: very rare: spontaneous dislocation of the implant. Dysaesthesies can occur post operation.

The risk of infection can be minimized by antibiotics.



If extensive interventions are necessary in case of jaw or teeth deformations an oral surgeon will assist in the operation.